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horoscope: Libra
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11:37:00 PM

bbq party at Ah Leo's house~:D

hmm..i think..around 2 months i didnt update my blog..sry..>.<..cos my old com quite laggy when i was visit my blog..-_-..

yesterday..i had a sweet memory~haha..cos..i went to the bbq party at Leo's house..the party is quite fun~around 5pm++..i done bathing n done blow my hair..the pic has been updated as my profile pic n facebook display pic.. at 5.30pm, i with my cousin went to Erica's house(her friend)..then we 3 chit chating till 6.50pm..then walk to Leo's house..very near..haha..when we 3 reach there..a lot guys was there dy~then..we all pray before eat..xP..Shu Ying reach there around 7.05pm, major 7.0pm then reach there(if im nt wrong..lol..)..then i with shu ying chit chat lo..lol..major oso help we 2 to take some fishballs n mush mello to..bbq it..xP..the mush mello looks quite cute..fat fat de..n very nice~

after eat..erm..around 9pm++..then we all play "大风吹"..*blow*..lolol..when the 2nd round n the music was stop, there left 1 chair..i with Ah Hong stand tgt..very weird..@@..then..he let me sit..~.~..at the last round..is major's brother had to stand inside the circle..then sing..when we use the towel n ask him to put it in front his eyes,yan2 go take the cake n slowly walk to his side..n we all start to sing bday song for him..xD..i think..tat was a big surprise for him..haha..

hmm..then..here was a 2nd games~sorry for w/o photo..T_T..cos that time i was crazy playing with the game.."犯错游戏"..the games need to call somebody's name..like " Hannah 4"..then the person had to said his/her name for four times..when playing the game..we all keep laugh cos ah xian,ah hong they all very funny..haha..:))..plus..i was eat alot fishballs,hotdog..then..keep laugh..-.-..after the game..i almost no sound dy..

after the games..then they all eat eat eat..n i sit down lo..lol..after 20minutes..we start to clean up all the thing..n i took all plates to wash..in the kitchen..rofl..*wash wash wash*~i keep wash..then i didnt notice dao ah leo they all were sit at outside n chit chating..suddenly,rainbow jie came in n said.."u all did it very right..u all leave hannah inside there wash plates"..LOL!at tat time i hope tat rainbow jie didnt came in..><..*blush*..then i said i can did it..loli wash all the thing till 11.15pm..rofl..if im nt wrong..or 11.30pm?lol..4get dy..mayb im very enjoy in washing plates..@@..*bang wall*..

then..i with my cousin stand at outside..see ah leo, 登尉,平威(sry if im type wrong ur name) n 嘉昌 were washing the floor..lol..ah xian,robert n ah hong they 3 were waiting ranbow jie to fetch they all..lol..then 登尉 start to play the water to make other wet..lol..around 1am++..i with my cousin wan walk to home..then 登尉 wan to make we 2 wet..lol..then ah leo said very dangerous..but we ignore tat..n walk bac to home..:)..

tats was a great party for me..hope tat gt next time..but,im sick rite now..hope i can get well soon! all take care~:D

Hannah, Posted out at 12.05am~xD

8:57:00 PM

很烦啊!!! T_T!!!

hmm..im just finished my presentation of psk..T_T..very tired lor..ytd horr..when the teacher posted out our result at the result board,i saw that,my chemistry mark was...absent!!zzzz...then,i go ask mr.bonni to help me change the mark..then he said no need to edit in the computer but will edit it in my report card..hmm..feel quite sad lor..T_T...

quite sian lorr..i feel tat i reli ♥ "him" lei..T_T!!omg lei..~.~..any1 can tell me wad was love mean by?T_T...



Hannah, Posted out at 10.06pm~

12:14:00 PM


hmm..a few months?or a few weeks?i long time nvr come update blog liao..-_-..hmm..after the exam..my paper has been gv bac..just left english paper..hmm..all subjects still ok..but gt 3 subjects fail..T_T..my sejarah just get 22 marks..malay and add-math 42 marks..-.-..super lousy marks.. ><..the most sad thing is my add math..T_T..my teacher angry dao..T_T..

hiyo..nothing 2 talk again..just about maple lor..i at gemini world play a new char..flame wizard~~xDD!!..

Hannah, Posted out at 12.30pm~~xDD!!

2:53:00 PM

hmm..3 days more for the exam..~_~

umm...is quite boring for the exam..><..but..also very fun if the subject is Mr.Bonni went in my class..xDD!in this week de paper..just 1 day 1 paper nia..=pp..but hor..2day when my class were having chemistry paper 1(sure is Mr.Bonni went in my class..=pp),then i found that got a question has 2 same answer..then i tell Mr.Bonni,but he said i nvr count 1..-.-..ok bah..then i anyhw do that question..~.~..mayb i too believe him liao bah..~.~..(and 1 mre thing..the perfume tat he use leii..hmm..is like very natural 1 de..hahas..=pp..)

then..after 12.30pm~~i took some books to Mr.Bonni's table..suddenly he call my name and ask me find 1 mre frend to help him do something..lol..~.~..i with my frend used erm..around 40minutes++..><..at tat time i feel like tat im going faint ald..~.~..*faint*..then Mr.Bonni just bac from canteen..then he came our side and gv us RM5..xDD..then my frend said she dunwan the $$..lol..then i took all lor~=pp..

haha..hmm..now i need go study 4 tml de exam..><..tata all~<3


Hannah, Posted out at 3.48pm..~.~

10:01:00 AM

Happy teachers' day~Mr.Bonni~=D

hmm..talk abt my exam 1st f3..nw my exam still gt 1 week more..lol..-_-..then..all subjects still quite ok~but..the sejarah..duhhh..=.=..i ald no mood wan to study it..-.-..the most easy subject is math..=pp..haha..hmm..but hor..my add math paper 2 just 31/100..@@..i think mr. bonni sure no mood wan see my result liao..@@..next monday still gt paper 1..haiis..i will try my best to score 60 marks abv..=pp..

okays~~talk bac abt the topic..2day is teachers' day..hahas..ytd leii..after exam,then i go out bought teachers' day present for mr.bonni lor..cos he is a very kind teacher and a gd teacher xDD~he gt help me before 1..lols~then,i just bought a small notebook,in black colour 1(~_~..cos just bring dao rm10 only..then can't bought some too ex de thing..:-S..)..after i bought the present and a card..then i went to sch to rdy my chinese paper 2 de exam..X(..

after dao sch liao..=x..then i take my add math question go ask mr.bonni lor..hahas..after ask liao,then i go sch canteen bought some fruits to eat..rofl..suddenly..i saw mr.bonni was taking his beg and exam papers went to his car..then i straight run to his side and say 'happy teachers' day,sir'..(lol..i noe very lousy..-.-)..after i say that..he look like very terrify 1..then his face turn to a happy face..=x..then i gv him the present lor..=pp..hahas..then he keep say y so early gv him the gift..hahas..i think mayb..in this year im the 1st student gv him the teachers' day de gift bahs..hahas..

okay~my sharing..until here~..need go study add math again..=))..tata all~<3~~

Hannah, Posted out at 10.31am xDD~<3

2:51:00 PM

huhu~~mood quite good~xDD..

hmm..my mood is quite gooood 2day xDD..cos hor..my enemy(lousy classmates) nid go wash toilet!!!wakaka..*drop down form chair*..=pp..i just ignore wad they say abt me..*blah blah blah*~~~..*ignore*...=p..hmm..but hor..at that time i feel very helpless cos..i feel that no 1 was supporting me..:'((((..and i still dunno my class teacher izzit still blaming me or nt..=[..cos ytd de problem was annoyed him..haiis..then..fine..at the morning the lousy classmates were went to wash the dirty toilet..*vomit*..@@..

when the recess time,i with my frend went to the school canteens to buy something to eat..but hor..when i almost reach the canteens,i saw the 3 f*cking shyt gals were there..then i stre8 no mood to eat..cos when i saw them ald wan vomit liao..aiya..i stre8 go bac class lor..-.-..

[hving class and extra-curricular activities~~~]

ok..1.30pm liao~~then i take the book to gv my class teacher to write his signature..after he done it,then i say sry to him about ytd de problem was annoyed him..but he laugh after he listen wad i was said just nw..-_-..he just tell me just ignore wad the 3 gals said lor..hahas..my mood suddenly very gd wan f3~=pp..

haha~~k lar..mood very good wan xDD..tata all~<3~~

Hannah, Posted at 3.11pm xDD!!!!

1:25:00 PM

oh shit..-.-..
almost kena tindakan disiplin..wad the hell man!

hmm..in this post..i dunwan tok so much..cos wad was happen just now..is a BAD memories man.. :@..just now..em..around 11.40am..my classmates(oso can say is 2 sampat gals..)wronged me abt something(dunwan say too detail oso..=p)..then the discipline teacher ask me and the 2 fking kanasai gal go his room..then my class teacher go to the discipline teacher's room to help me explain lor..after that,the teacher ask me go bac home and the 2 gals still nid kena ask by the teacher..lols?i think if nt my teacher..i reli dunno how lor..-.-..sianed..~.~..after that,then i told my frend abt tat..they all oso say that 2 gals very childish wan..~.~..but i reli bu shuang and very sad lor..*cry*..><..

haiis..this stupid thing make my mood damn badly man..dunwan share liao..just hope that 2 gals wont distrube my school life..(i noe my wish is wont happen 1..-.-)..just hope tis kind of thing wont happen again..@@

Hannah, Posted out at 1.38pm